WWDC 2022

WWDC 2022 Apple Huge Announcements iOS 16 New MacBook Air

WWDC 2022 Apple Corporation just recently announced some engrossing features and new products for its users at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC 2022 The corporation has left its people enthralled with all its intriguing revelations of loads of exciting news at the WWDC 2022 event. 

People glanced at the most expected products from Apple. WWDC 2022 gave a glimpse of iOS 16, macOS 13, the M2 Chip, WatchOS 9, the New MacBook Air, iPad OS 16, and other information that Apple revealed. Apple is planning to make these products available this fall.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that new Apple products will be available with developer betas and public betas. He further revealed that developer betas will be available by today. But we have to wait for Public Betas as it is planned to release in July.

iPadOS 16 WWDC 2022

At WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled iPad OS 16. The new iPad is designed and built to allow users to efficient multitasking. The new Stage Manager from macOS enables the device to quickly share and collaborate. A new app is also coming this year and that is Free Form. Free Form helps the users to easily collaborate on documents and other files or content. Along with that Apple is releasing a new Weather app. Also new is the ability to virtual swapping and change file extensions. 

iOS 16

Apple announced that the update has revamped the customization of the lock screen in iOS 16. The new iOS16 lets its users customize the lock screen interface. Apple said that update allows changing the font and coloring for the date and time. It also adds a widget for weather updates, calendar, activity rings, etc.

WWDC 2022

Apple introduced Live Activities for its users. Live Activity enables the user to manage and pin notifications like live scores and notifications that users can choose those notifications to appear at the bottom of the lock screen. 

Apple announced iOS 16 lets the user edit any message or mark messages as unread in its inbuilt Messaging app. Also, the new software brings an interesting feature that allows the user to undo any message.  

MacOS 13 Ventura WWDC 2022

Apple announced macOS 13 and called it Ventura. macOS 13 Ventura focuses on new features like new multitasking tools. State Manager is one of the multitasking tools that let you group windows and move to other apps swiftly.

The Mail is also getting an upgrade. The users can now undo sending the message, and schedule to send it. MacOS 13 Ventura is bringing a ton of updates and upgrades in various apps like Safari, Spotlight, Shared Tab Groups, Continuity, etc. The app Continuity in the new Ventura allows using iPhone as a webcam as well.   

MacBook Air

MacBook Air with M1 Chip was somewhere satisfactory according to the users. But in WWDC 2022, Apple brought M2 Chip. Apple announced MacBook Air with the new M2 chip which includes two Thunderbolt ports and allows 18 hours of battery life. 

New MacBook Air with M2 chip has a Dolby Atmos speaker, and a 1080p webcam, and the device will be available in color options like Midnight Silver, Space Grey, and Starlight. 

WatchOS 9 WWDC 2022

Next is WatchOS 9 which brings the revamped version of the Apple Watch. Apple corporation included new features that make it more exciting as it gives the ability to pin apps. The Workout app is also updated with new features. It has new running metrics and heart rate zones. 

The sleep tracking feature in the WatchOS 9 is supported by the Sleep app. The user can track their sleep stages. Atrial Fibrillation identifies the regular or irregular rhythm. But the update to Atrial Fibrillation will now check for how long the state lasts.


Apple brought major updates to CarPlay that lets the user for better and smooth integration with the car. The update can replace the car’s display or instrument cluster with Apple’s system. It will display the speed, fuel, and trip info. 

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference or simply WWDC 2022 brought various exciting and intriguing features, updates, and new technology to their users. Apple revealed iOS 16, macOS Venture, MacBook Air, M2 Chip, and iPadOS 16. 

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