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6 Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Biometric Attendance

Organizations have to speed up using a modern biometric attendance system. That matches the increasingly digitally transforming world of the workforce. No one of the intelligent workers would prefer micromanaging anymore. They prefer autonomy with appreciation and the right rewards.

For that, organizations have to focus on the best possible biometrics system like uKnowva. However, if you’re a senior HR professional with doubts in mind, this blog post will be your guide.

Below, I have prepared a listicle on more dependable reasons to invest in a smart biometric fingerprint attendance system.

Read those reasons carefully and match them with your company’s policy. If it fits, you can explore uKnowva any day. Then, know how it’s serving HRs to manage their digitally competitive workforce every day.

6 Compelling Reasons To Invest in A Biometric Attendance System Today:

Superfast accessibility for a diverse workforce across the firm:

While incorporating a biometric system, understand its core functionality. That is its speed and accessibility. uKnowva virtual biometric offers both.

How these core functions are essential is a fact to know. Your employees could be anywhere. If you’re a global and digitally transforming company, you never know where your next hire will be from.

But you don’t want to burden them with micromanagement. Yet, it’s important for HRs to have the attendance of their hires in check. For this reason, a smart and digital employee attendance management system should be in place.

It allows your workforce to log into the system from anywhere on the move. They can use their smart devices and not worry about punching in late.

This on-cloud tool must be easy and fast to use. It does not lag, so no issue exists for employees to clock their work hours on time.

Empowers HRs to overview their remote workers’ attendances:

This point is closely linked to the above. But it has its advantages. As an HR person, you need to keep track of every hire or worker’s attendance. These workers might be on the field right now or working from home for various reasons.

But their attendance marking should not be missed. This usually happens with conventional or offline office attendance machines earlier. Because of this drawback, there was no flexibility to work at favorable rates or pace for a diversified workforce.

With uKnowva biometric attendance, this functionality is changing drastically. Human resource professionals can easily encourage them to participate in a virtual biometric system.

When it’s linked with their performance and project management tools for timely appreciation and hikes, it’s even more important.

Integrates with happiness factor to focus on mental well-being:

The modern biometric attendance system encourages senior and mid-level management to think more about their staff’s mental health. They could be under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines.

If that practice is not stopped or rectified on time, employees feel demotivated and highly distressed. Thankfully, that issue gets taken care of with the employee attendance management system.

HR professionals overview the data this system generates. It has that happiness metre at its first interface. It prompts employees to punch in their mood whenever they log in/out of the system.

Reports are assembled in the background using these datasets. HRs gauge if their employees are happy, tired, or distressed when they begin or end their day at work.

It’s one of the most important factors to date to discern. Human resource persons can manage and nurture their top performers using these analytical reports accordingly.

They can offer them paid leaves and more incentives for clocking in extra hours to break their performance scores. Otherwise, they can have a discussion on time. From such consultations, HRs know what’s bothering their employees to punch in/out with a foul mood.

This is a better initiative for pursuing outperforming employees to stay longer in the firm. Otherwise, earlier, it was nearly impossible to know for CHROs about their employee’s job satisfaction levels and mental health.

Regularises your timesheets with automated integration from the backend:

The office attendance machine with smart and on-cloud functionality integrates with employees’ timesheets. This practice regularises employees’ time clocked in the system with virtual biometrics.

In short, employees have more than one way to verify the total hours they worked without being micromanaged. The system is smart enough to use the data generated from the timesheets management tool.

For that, the employee account must be integrated with both tools. Firms using different tools can have an issue integrating such data. With uKnowva HRMS, there wouldn’t be any such integration roadblock.

Instead, it gives HRs and their staff a seamless experience in integrating entire attendance data automatically. They do not require to check hours invested manually. Later, this automatically integrated data helps in generating and disbursing accurate salaries.

You can work-related add notes on the biometric screen online:

Employees get to add work-related short notes and bites into the biometric attendance system. It helps them keep essential reminders and notes as soon as they log in to the system.

This can become their daily to-do list if they want. And with every punch out, these notes will be flashed again at the bottom. At least, that is what you experience when using innovative uKnowva HRMS solutions.

Later, these notes can incorporate and infuse into the timesheet and project management notes. Every day, all your work details will be in the HR workforce management system incorporated with the office biometric machine.

Employees don’t worry about their tasks which they might forget. They can always log into the system again to check if they completed the list for the day. It makes them self-reliant and more responsible for completing their daily tasks without supervision.

Complete data backup and live server security:

HR persons do not worry about data security and backup runs. The modern and intelligent biometric system has both these functions. So, each employee’s profile data is secure and encrypted. No one can watch it without proper permission and credentials.

Mostly, system admins have complete control over the system. It is highly recommended to CHROs and senior management not to share the admin account credentials.

Nonetheless, the system runs regular backups for storing updated employee data related to their hours clocked in. That’s one less thing to be stressed over for senior HR persons.


A smart biometric attendance system has multiple advantages. It’s pretty evident from the blog post above.

Start exploring uKnowva’s on-cloud and AI-backed virtual biometric machines today to nurture your workforce effectively every day. Plus, there is no scope for micromanagement, and it’s suitable for a digitally advanced corporate culture.

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