British Gas App Not Working

British Gas App Not Working: How to Solve It

Now you can send your gas and electricity meter readings to the officials. Moreover, the app lets you see your account information and payment details. However, multiple users confirmed that the British Gas app not working correctly. 

Nevertheless, the application from British Gas has several features like monitoring energy usage. Interestingly, the British Gas app helps identify the part of the home consuming the energy the most.

Not only that but also you book an engineer through British Gas. The engineer is only one tap away from you to repair the Boiler or water dripping from the ceiling. All you need to book an appointment through the application from British Gas. 

Android and iOS devices support the British Gas app. However, people complain that the British Gas app is not working on their devices. Undoubtedly, the situation needs a solution; otherwise, the problem may increase. 

In that case, this guide will help you to solve the app issues on British Gas. It shows methods and steps to fix the British Gas app. So let’s see the steps mentioned below to solve the British Gas app not working issue.

Here’s How To Fix the British Gas App issue

British Gas App Not Working

Re-Login the British Gas App

Notably, the application sometimes troubles due to temporary glitches. Though, such minor issues are fixable. In this case, you can try re-login the British Gas application. This step should fix the British Gas app, and you may continue tracking the energy usage. On the contrary, you can skip to the next to the following steps dealing with the British Gas app.  

Check the Internet Connection

The internet is essential to run the British Gas app. If the application does not run on a High-speed connection, British Gas will have slow performance.

Therefore, the primary step is to ensure a high-speed internet connection. 

Remove British Gas Cache Data

On Android Devices

  1. Firstly, open the Settings menu on your Android phone to clear British Gas cache files.
  2. Secondly, go tothe Apps option in the menu and further access to find the British Gas app.
  3. Further, you need to search the British Gas app from the list.
  4. Now, go to the Storage option of the British Gas app.
  5. Further, tap the Clear Cache of the British Gas app at the bottom.
  6. Furthermore, tap the Ok button to completely clear the British Gas cache files.
  7. Then, tap the Clear Data for British Gas option and then Ok.
  8. Now, go back to the home screen on your device and find the British Gas app.
  9. Finally, Open the British Gas app. It will open from the beginning.

On iOS Devices

  1. First, open Settings to troubleshoot the British Gas problem on your iOS phone.
  2. Secondly, tap the General option and move to iPhone Storage to find British Gas.
  3. Then, select the British Gas app from the given list. 
  4. In the end, you must tap the Offload App option to clear the British Gas cache.

Update the British Gas app

Updating the British Gas app on Android

  1. First, go to your Android device’s Settings menu to solve the British Gas app error.
  2. Secondly, go to Apps and access the Apps section to find the British Gas application.
  3. Further, open Manage apps and find the British Gas app.
  4. Next, tap to open the Storage option in the British Gas app.
  5. Further, tap on the Clear Data for the British Gas app and move forward to tap Ok.
  6. Furthermore, open the PlayStore on your device to search the British Gas app.
  7. Now, type British Gas in the search column and find the British Gas app.
  8. Tap on the Update option. Wait till the British Gas app is updated.
  9. When the app updating process is over, open the British Gas app and check if the problem is showing up anymore.

Updating the British Gas app on iOS

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS device to find the British Gas app.
  2. Tap the profile icon to find the British Gas app.
  3. Scroll to the British Gas app and check if any updates are available.

Reinstall the British Gas App on your Phone Device

Install the British Gas app on Android 

  1. Firstly, press the British Gas app icon for a longer time.
  2. Secondly, tap the Uninstall option from the menu to remove British Gas from your phone.
  3. Next, go to your phone’s app store and search for the British Gas app.
  4. Finally, now tap on Install the British Gas app on your device.

Install the British Gas app on iOS

  1. First, press and hold the British Gas app icon.
  2. Second, tap the Remove App option on the British Gas app.
  3. Next, tap the Delete App and confirm removing the British Gas app.
  4. Now, open the App Store and find the British Gas app.
  5. Finally, tap on the Get option and select Install to download the British Gas app.

Hopefully, your British Gas app is working correctly. If you still face the problem, then you are advised to reach the British Gas app support team

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