Neon Error Code 002 on Samsung TV

Neon Error Code 002 on Samsung TV: How to Fix

People face Neon error code 002 on Samsung TV while launching the Neon app. According to them, the error message says, “You are not alive: while accessing the Neon app.

Despite all the efforts, Neon application users cannot solve the problem. Notably, one should know the reason before solving the error code 002 issue of the Neon app.

However, there is always a solution to every problem including neon app error 002. Similarly, the error code 002 has varying approaches to solving the issue. Therefore, the guide here introduces the solution for Neon Error code 002. 

But before that, let’s see the reasons causing the Neon Code 002.

Reasons Causing Neon Error 002 on Samsun TV

Neon Error Code 002 on Samsung TV

Some reasons are causing the Neon error code 002. The reasons are as follows:

  • The older TV Model does not run the Neon app.
  • Pending Updates for both- Samsung TV and the Neon app.
  • Temporary glitch or bug.

Here’s How to Solve the Neon Error code 002 on Samsung TV

Older Samsung TV Model

The Neon application does not support older versions of televisions. In addition, it includes the older models of Samsung TVs. Therefore, you must ensure that you do not have an older version of the TV set.

Further, Samsung officially confirmed that the Neon app supports Samsung TV models produced after 2013. Furthermore, you can check the official Samsung statement, which clearly states the models. Thus, the error code 002 will appear on TV models before 2013.

Check Updates for Samsung and Neon App

Delayed updates can be another reason for the Neon app’s error 002 on Samsung TV. In this situation, you must find out if the device and the app are updated or not. 

If the app is outdated, then move ahead to download the latest updates for the app. Similarly, you need to follow the steps for your Samsung TV. 

Usually, pending updates cause problems and ruin the total experience. Thus, updating is the best option to resolve the appearing error.

Reset Smart Hub on your Samsung TV

Sometimes, downloading the latest Neon and TV software updates does not fix the problem. Therefore, resetting the Smart Hub on TV is the best way to prevent the error from appearing. The guide shows below the steps to reset the Samsung Smart Hub. 

  1. First, switch on your Samsung TV.
  2. Second, tap the Smart Hub button on your Samsung Remote.
  3. Wait until the Smart hub display appears on the screen.
  4. Now, tap the D button.
  5. Further, move to tap the reset option. 
  6. Finally, enter the password to validate the Smart Hub reset process.

We saw the guide illustrates different methods to solve the error code 002 on the Neon app appearing on Samsung TV. Undeniably, the error code 002 is a headache. However, the Neon error code 002 has solutions that the guide already showed. Hopefully, the error code 002 is not appearing on your Samsung TV. Now you can launch the Neon app. Nevertheless, you should contact Neon or Samsung TV support if the error comes. 

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