App Not Working App Not Working on Phone Solved App Not Working” is one concern people raise on the internet. Now, the search for its solution ends with this guide. The guide is about providing the methods to resolve the app problem. is a security system application designed with a vision to increase security for the people. Moreover, the application is a solution with several options in it.

In addition, the application connects and protects homes and businesses. The technology connects the user with the security system, lock system, and cameras. Apart from those, it also connects with the lights and protects from crime, gas leakage, and even fire. 

Undeniably, all these security facilities and options make the app handy. However, people are concerned with the app’s functioning. The guide is dealing with the problem. Follow the guide further so you can solve the problem.

Here’s how to solve App not Working App Not Working

Restart the App

In some cases, the app has a temporal glitch. But the glitch does not appear after restarting the application. It is always better to quit the app from your phone background. Later, re-launch the application. At last, the problem should not appear as the temporal does not exist anymore. But, if the app is still troubling, you can move further to the next step.

Allow Permission to the App

The application requires permissions to run correctly on the phone device. The App Not Working if it is not allowed with all or some of the permissions. In that case, you must allow permissions to the app.

  1. First, open the Settings menu to begin the process for the app.
  2. Next, go to the App section and access the Permissions option.
  3. Next, you must move to the Other permissions option.
  4. Now, find the app and toggle on all the permissions for the application.

Clear Cache Data

On Android Devices

  1. Firstly, open the Settings menu on your Android phone to find Apps.
  2. Now, go to the Apps option in the menu and further access it.
  3. Following that, you need to search the app from the list.
  4. Then, go to the Storage option of the app.
  5. Now, tap Clear Cache of the app at the bottom and tap the Ok button.
  6. Now, tap the Clear Data for option and then Ok.
  7. Then, go to the home screen on your device and find the app.
  8. In the end, open the app. It will open from the beginning.

On iOS Devices

  1. First, open the Settings to troubleshoot the problem on your iOS phone.
  2. Secondly, Tap the General option and move to iPhone Storage to find
  3. Select the app from the given list. 
  4. Finally, tap the Offload App option to clear the cache.

Update the app

Updating the app on Android

  1. Open the Settings menu of your Android phone to solve the problem.
  2. Secondly, go to Apps and access the Apps section to find the application.
  3. Further, open Manage apps and find the app.
  4. Next, tap to open the Storage option in the app.
  5. Now, tap on the Clear Data for the app and move forward to tap Ok.
  6. Further, open the PlayStore on your device.
  7. Now, type in the search column.
  8. Tap on the Update option. Wait till the app is updated.
  9. At last, when the app is updated, open the app and check if the problem is fixed.

Updating the app on iOS

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS phone device to find
  2. Tap the profile icon to find the app.
  3. Scroll to find the app and check if any updates are available.

Reinstall the App on your Phone Device

Install the app on Android 

  1. First, press the app icon for a longer time.
  2. Next, tap the Uninstall option from the menu to remove from your phone.
  3. Go to your phone’s app store and search for the app.
  4. Finally, now tap on Install the app on your device.

Install the app on iOS

  1. Press and hold the app icon.
  2. Next, tap the Remove App option.
  3. Now, tap the Delete App and confirm removing the app.
  4. Now, open the App Store and find the app.
  5. Tap one Get option and select Install to download the app.

To conclude, is a handy application that keeps us safe. On the contrary, the app sometimes troubles running correctly. So the guide helps us solve the app problem. Hopefully, the problem is not showing up anymore, and the app is working normally again.  

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